Painting is considered the finishing process par excellence. This concept appears to be the basis of the company philosophy and is implemented by using raw materials guaranteed by the most important and well-known brands in the industrial sector such as:


We are constantly striving to study the best solution to meet the different needs of our customers, guaranteeing the highest quality in every job done.
This is thanks to the attention paid to every production process and the commitment of certified raw materials.

Impieghiamo esclusivamente prodotti anticorrosivi con caratteristiche tecniche ad elevate prestazioni per soddisfare le esigenze dei cicli lavorativi richiesti daq tutti i nostri Clienti, con particolare attenzione al rispetto dell'ambiente, grazie all'utilizzo di prodotti ad alto residuo solido e all'acqua.


Regardless of the industrial sector in which the anticorrosive treatments applied by S.P.A.V.I S.r.l. turn out to be able to satisfy every need.
When it comes to those for temperatures up to 120 ° C, we are able to adopt multiple solutions, depending on the different needs and different uses and destinations of the products, guaranteeing a high, medium or low expectation of durability in accordance with the ISO International standard 12944.



The directions that the Engineering Company and the world of anti-corrosion are taking are several and varied, as regards the treatments for high temperatures S.P.A.V.I. Srl is at the forefront in the application of products / systems suitable to withstand temperatures up to 100 ° C.

All the problems deriving from the use of these particular products / systems, such as recommended maximum or minimum thicknesses, are part of our experience and we are able to recommend the best possible solution according to the peculiarities required by the Customer.



to meet the needs of the international market and to satisfy the different requests of our customers, we are constantly committed to studying the best solutions, guaranteeing the highest quality in every work carried out. This graves the attention given to each production process and the use of certified raw materials. For this reason, over the last few years S.P.A.V.I. Srl has also chosen to specialize in the application of anticorrosive coatings with or without solvent on internal and external surfaces of tanks, equipment, pipes, ballast tanks, tanks used for the storage of chemical products, gas pipes, cooling towers and chimneys, such as:

This from a further confirmation that our implementation of our knowledge is a fundamental MUST for us,in order to be able to offer increasingly more specific solutions aimed at the particular requests of Clients.


WATERPROOF PAINTING CABIN of new generation installed in June 2018

Liquid painting system with monorail chain, complete with 8 trays (maximum capacity of 8000kg), made for the coupling of raw products to be painted.
the system is composed as follows: