S.P.A.V.I. Srl in December 2008 it obtained the certification of its Business Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

This result was strongly desired by S.P.A.V.I. Srl as confirmation of the quality of its activities and of its competences daily put in place to provide customers with an ever better service.

The company's commitment is to initiate a process of continuous improvement of its services as explicitly indicated in the Company Policy signed by the General Management where, among other things, a commitment to respecting the environment is also emphasized.


Our work is based on the concept of "Business Quality", which is fully fulfilled by obtaining certification in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001 issued in 2008 by the certification body RINA Spa.

Our workforce is composed of qualified personnel who have grown in our reality, who have increasingly specialized over the years thanks to the various training courses carried out in the company. To all this it must be added that the activity of constant verification of the entire production process and the internal inspection / testing service are guaranteed by the Quality Control figures, some of which are NACE and FROSIO certified.

All these components allow us to be more and more competitive on the international market, starting from the respect for environmental protection, passing through the technical / commercial evaluation to finish with the quality of the processed product.

S.P.A.V.I. Srl is synonymous with Quality, Punctuality and Excellence. For any need regarding the activities of anticorrosion treatments / coatings, do not hesitate to contact us, most probably our tecninco staff will have already dealt with them.

Our production department, being able to operate in an always avant-garde structure, was able to create a totally functional production cycle, structured to improve production times and obtain a high quality finished product, respecting the rules on internal and environmental safety.

For the control, quality tests and inspections of our work, we have a state-of-the-art equipment park, duly calibrated and accompanied by relative calibration certification, so as to carry out all the activities in accordance with the various International Standards of reference (ATSM, ISO, NACE, SSPC).

    BresleTestKitBresle Test Kit

    Surface roughness comparator
    Cross Cutas TD3359B
    Dust Test Tape
    Replica Test

    Thickness Gauge ElcoMeter456
    Roughness RZ
    Dry thickness gauge FISCHER DUAL SOP EMPOR

    Holiday Test Low Voltage
    Holiday Test High Voltage
    Paint Inspection Cauge
    Room thermometer
    Digital thermometer